The Story of Neb Naba Lamoussa

Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, was a Gourmantche from Fada N'Gourma (a city East of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso) who began his initiations when he was eight years old.

As a young boy, Maakheru attended European schools at the same time while he was progressing through the traditional education and spiritual initiations.

As he grew, Maakheru continued his education, and not only did he attend a colonial University in Kenya, but he also excelled in his traditional/spiritual education, eventually surpassing the level of his Masters to become one of the most knowledgeable spiritual Masters of the Dogon people.

Maakheru was seen throughout Merita (Africa) as one of the greatest Masters of M'TAM knowledge, and he was an authentic Master who had been elected to bring this knowledge to the outside world. The elders of the initiation as well as the King of the Gourmantche people (Yoabili) allowed Master Naba to spread the initiatic knowledge.

Maakheru had visited over 127 countries and his presence had been requested in many Temples and Holy places all over the world. Master Naba spoke thirteen languages, including English, French and German, and was a Master of "Egyptology" and Hieroglyphics. As a founder of the M'TAM schools (M'TAM : study of the Earth energies), Maakheru was a great Master of these techniques.

aster Naba was renowned worldwide as a spiritual Master. He was a Traditional Kemetic High Priest and Master Healer. Additionally, Maakheru was a parapsychologist, meta physician, writer, researcher, historian and cultural activist.He had researched and re­established the Sidereal Calendar (the only calendar that is astronomically correct and not based on social or religious events or beliefs), the Great Book of Divine Ordinances (the translation of the original papyri known as Nw, Nbsni, and Insa, which present the original seventy­seven commandments (before Christianity and the ten commandments) and the Mandala of Denderah (the original map of the sky, with the original constellations), among many other works.

As a writer, Master Naba had published over 25 books in many countries. He had written poetry and fiction as well as books and articles on M'TAM, culture, history and spirituality. He was the founder of Bayuali Magazine, an esoteric magazine featuring Earth Energy Readings, Choices Magazine, and The Rising Firefly Magazine. He was the founder and president of Khepra in Burkina Faso, a non­profit organization of Kemetic cultural workers, researchers, activists, priests and healers. Master Naba was also the president and founder of The Earth Center, a non­profit organization in

As a healer, Master Naba was the founder and president of ANKHKASTA (translated from medu : Ankh = Life, Ka, Asta = Aishat ­ The Life of the Ka of Aishat), an organization of Kemetic priests and healers. The Ankhkasta team works to introduce and promote traditional Kemetic herbal remedies for all of today's illnesses, conditions, and spiritual problems or concerns. These remedies are part of the knowledge of the initiation schools and are part of a traditional, esoteric knowledge.